Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is Bush actually smart?

I’m starting to get this sneaky suspicion that Bush isn’t quite as dumb as he makes out to be. Of course that’s a hard notion to entertain but maybe he wants it that way Let’s use our imagination and consider this, what if Bush was actually very clever and just disguised himself as dumb for a number of reasons.

Reason one being; votes for his election. It may sound very odd to pretend to be dumb to get elected but it might actually be a fairly genius move. I say that because the majority of Americans, especially conservatives, are growing dumber and more ignorant by the day. It’s natural for someone to look for a leader who shares their qualities, thoughts, and feelings however ridiculous they may be. So in essence his stupidity may have only been a ploy that he used to get the majority.

Reason two: nobody expects someone that they think is dumb to be capable of tricking them somehow. This leaves the door wide open for Bush to do his dirty work without a hint of suspicion. Think about it, the vote recount in Florida, the state his brother happened to be Governor of. The 9/11 attack that was said to have been planned and carried out by Osama Bin Laden who happened to have ties to the Bush family, an attack that propelled Bush into a war in the middle east, a region very rich in oil, the Bush family who happened to get very rich FROM oil. An attack that left the American people in fear of a future attack thus leaving the window open for Bush to step over boundaries he couldn’t have before. He fueled the American peoples fear with lies that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. With that he had formed the basis for a war in Iraq, meanwhile the supposed initiator of this whole sequence of events, Osama Bin Laden disappears into the background. Now with the oust of Saddam Hussein in Iraq Bush can assume the role of a liberator, a man trying to spread Democracy and freedom, disguising his intentions in America of taking those things away. That becomes more and more apparent every day, the Patriot Act, government spying, the list goes on.
So could Bush have really masterminded this whole thing? Could he actually be that cunning? I seiously doubt it, but still you have to know that you can never put anything past a politician.


Anonymous Jake Price esq. said...

funny as hell, and true. its scary.....

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you wast all that time writing this garbage. Why don't you get a life and spend more time studying. Maybe someday you could become pres.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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