Sunday, January 29, 2006

John Rollin Meikenhous R.I.P.

I considered John to be my closest friend; he was like a brother to me. Just this past year he died, he was 20 years old and is survived by his mother, brother, and sister, his remaining family and a lot of friends. We’ll all miss him but anyone that knew and loved him can find some comfort knowing he’ll never have to hurt again.

Here’s a poem a like to think of when I think of John

When my heart can beat no more
I hope I die for a principle
or a belief that I had lived 4
I will die before my time
because I feel the shadows depth
so much I wanted to accomplish
before I reached my death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility
and wiped the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who were positive
in the event of my demise

-Tupac Shakur



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