Monday, January 30, 2006

Liberty's Dead & Justice is Blind (but not deaf)

This is something I actually wrote for a class I was taking a couple of years ago...I stumbled across it and it seemed like it's become evern more prevelant today with this new issue of government spying...check it out.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

As an American citizen I begin to feel something’s terribly wrong when I read our national pledge of allegiance & find that it’s full of un-kept promises. I feel something’s wrong when I realize that this nation now is nowhere near the America our forefathers once envisioned and carefully put together. Sadly, it seems in addition many of us have forgotten exactly what purpose & obligation we have as the people, to ourselves & to our nation to ensure we truly can enjoy the Liberties & Justices of our great nation. Standing in the passing shadow of greatness one must wonder; how did America get here?
It seems to me over time the people of America started to slowly take their minds off the pursuit of justice. We allowed far too many decisions to be placed in the hands of the government without considering how the outcome could affect our rights. A lot of this I feel is to blame on the trust the American people put in the government, they feel secure here as if our rights are guaranteed & could never be taken away or violated. Of course this is understandable when you consider the fact that all children raised in America are taught that America is a noble nation built on freedom & justice. We’re practically raised under the belief that our nation could do no wrong. This I feel is the first step in the process that’s taking America farther & farther away from its original intentions. Once the people get a little too comfortable with the governments decision making abilities we no longer feel the need to question. Basically right there we begin giving up our rights, the more we give the more the government takes & before long the governments established well enough that it can overpower & control the people. It’s at this point that the majority of people decide that resistance isn’t a worthy battle because we’re weak compared to the strengths the government has acquired. Again we mistakenly forfeit our constitutional right to resist the government thinking “they’ve got everything under control, it’s not a matter that’s in my hands & even if I wanted to address the issue it’ll be no use, I’m only an average person …I just have to accept it as “the way it is.” I think this idea is well expressed by Thomas Paine in his writing titled “Rights of Man.” He suggests “A man by natural right, has a right to judge in his own cause; and so far as the right of mind is concerned; he never surrenders it: But what Availeth it him to judge if he has not power to redress.” For an even closer look consider this: Over time many, many laws are passed. Many of which we never hear about until their being enforced. With all of these new laws the system makes itself much more intricate & complex. This overwhelming depth & complexity makes it increasingly difficult for the people to understand changes in the law & which direction it’s headed. This gives the government a definite upper-hand over the people in the sense that it kind of puts us playing on their field. A lot of times these laws violate our basic rights but we’re unable to change the system because: (1) we don’t understand it. (2) We’ve already allowed the system to be put in place. Yes, we can go through the government to have the system check itself & determine if changes are needed but what’s the point, it’s obvious who’s really making & giving orders around here. So, since we can’t realistically persuade the government to adopt our views then we have the right to fight back, right? (The U.S. Constitution gave not only the right to evaluate & re-evaluate the governments’ actions but told the people of the United States that as long as the laws made protected our rights & freedoms then we would willingly abide by those laws. And if & when the laws did not protect our rights then we had not only the right but the obligation to rebel, taking all necessary measures to achieve justice.) Sadly, I feel that the hugely vast majority of Americans wouldn’t even dream of fighting back against the system because it seems to be a “no-win situation”. The people know if they try to fight or resist the oppression they’ll be held in some sort of violation of some sort of law, then the police harass them, arrest them, hold them captive & take their possessions, then send them to prison to make amends for the trouble they caused. Is that justice? It occurs to me that the people who do rebel, who do fight for the rights & freedoms that all mankind deserves often have to break laws, it seems that laws are put in place because it’s known those who strive to take back the power most step over them to do so. This allows the government a reason to take these people who are fighting back & threatening the position of power & have them legally arrested and put away to silence their cries & keep their ideas of rebellion from spreading. In many ways the police officers are much more criminal than the people their arresting & it’s sad because we’re living in a police-state. People have to fear the police in most instances; if you’re driving in your car a police man can stop you for a characteristic of your driving that struck him as “not right.” Automatically he starts writing you tickets & suddenly his protect & serve duty’s turned into a business maneuver, he’s earning the government free money generated from peoples error plus he’s getting commission. Still despite the crookedness of the entire situation you have to bit your lip & apologize, for what you don’t know.
In the end I’m left unsure of America’s stance today. I reflect on our beginnings and hope that we the people will come together as our forefathers once did to proudly stand up & fight for our beliefs & our rights regardless of the size or strength of whatever forces may oppose us. I imagine the day there are no more of those un-kept promises, no more lies. I feel the same feeling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. must have felt when he envisioned his dream, “that one day this nation will rise up & live out the true meaning of it’s creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” As for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I think his dream did start becoming a reality even though there are still changes to be made, but everything comes in time & for the time now it’s a step in the right direction.


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