Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some news on bad news

I’ve finally reached an intolerable level of sickness with the media. It’s as if every time I turn on the TV someone’s coughing in my face. Now let me at least be fair and say I recognize that the distribution of news is essential to society. Sadly however much of the news is bad news. Death, destruction, disease and disaster. Yes of course while reality is rather grim we still have to face it but must these news channels approach these horrors with such eager anticipation? Today my disgust boiled over when Atlanta’s channel 2 “Action News” announced a breaking news story; in Lake Butler Florida a school bus was involved in some sort of wreck leaving seven people dead, presumably children (I didn’t watch long enough to find out). Bad right? Apparently not bad enough, before saying another word they announced that they would broadcast video from the scene as soon as they had it. Now is that something anybody really needs to see? The people are like f*&kin vultures, it’s sick. Remember a few months ago when the sea plane plummeted into the water near Miami after an explosion which left 20 people. They showed it over and over and then over again one more time.
And by the way, Americans are fascinating people, I bet the same parents and lobbyists who push for censorship on all sorts of fiction, games, movies, and music are the same one’s who sit glued to the tube watching this sh!t and never taking their little closed minds out of their big ignorant a$$es long enough to consider that what they’re seeing is much worse than the things they’re fighting against, it’s real and it’s certainly available for anyone to see, including little Johnny.


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