Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Killer Birds (Seriously)

Look below for the headlines of articles on the numerous countries that have reported cases of the bird flu. I would have posted them as links but it would have been too much of a pain in the ass considering that not many people would actually read the articles. If you do want to see the actual article just go to then do a search for bird flu.

Here's a couple of other interesting bird flu things:

Reuters AlertNet: [But] what worries health experts is the possibility that the H5N1 avian flu virus will combine with a human flu virus and trigger a global flu pandemic. The WHO has warned that if this happens, the world would have just weeks to contain the virus before it spreads, possibly killing millions of people.

Meanwhile: Cheney says the bird flu could pose a huge economic risk (GOD NO!!! NOT THE ECONOMY). He followed that by saying that the American economy is performing "superbly".

Also: Turkey seems to have been hit the hardest by the bird flu--The irony's unbearable.


Italy confirms 5 cases of deadly H5N1 in swans.
Greeks confirm 3 cases of bird flu in swans.
Lethal bird flu found in Bulgaria.
China reports eighth death from bird flu.
Romania confirms bird flu close to Bulgaria border.
Azerbaijn says H5N1 found in wild bird test.
Nigeria bird flu is deadly H5N1 strain.
Iraq finds bird flu outbreak in poultry, OIE says.
Indonesia confirms 4 more human bird flu cases.
Turkey confirms 21st human bird flu case.
Ukraine confirms new bird flu cases in Crimea.
Vietnam confirms new case of H5N1.

Other countries confirming cases of H5N1:

Korea (Republic of)

Chronology--Bird Flu Developments


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