Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Support Our Troops....Impeach Bush

You know it amazes me that all of these stupid big shot conservative pricks don’t have enough brains to realize that Uncle Sam’s not exactly the most trustworthy of friends. They place so much faith in the wrong places, instead of believing in the people they believe in the government, instead of loving their neighbor they love themselves & instead of standing up for their rights they stand for nothing. Okay, enough ranting, let’s get to the point. Now on this whole issue of government spying all of these ignorant bastards want to jump to Bush’s aid claiming that if they’re not doing anything wrong then what would they have to worry about. Well let’s see, maybe the fact that your fearless leader IS FUCKING YOU!!! And unfortunately I have to live in the same country with you so I’m getting fucked too. Just because your bumpkin ass isn’t talking on the phone with Abdul Muhammad al Zimbabwe doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t concern you if the government’s taking away all those rights that those soldiers (whom your so fuckin proud of) are fighting and dying for to protect. Think about it people


Blogger Mr. Natural said...

THINK? Hey kaos, yer askin a lot of the bumpkins and thier daughters!

10:15 PM  

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