Saturday, February 25, 2006

They Continue to Amaze Me...

Welcome my fellow insignificant American citizen or non American non citizen that’s just in America (over 12% of you). Do you ever find yourself amazed with the way the American policy makers and other people of power do things? How could they have possibly climbed so high on the totem pole but seem so incompetent that us non important people are often times bewildered with their stupidity. Wouldn’t it be a really interesting experience to sit in on their meetings when they’re all at a table throwin’ ideas around? Just imagine some of the many ideas that get shot down. I mean for Christ sake they’re serious about this school bus watch thing, if you haven’t yet been blessed with this serving of stupidity Homeland Security is planning what they call a “school bus watch” which is intended to educate bus drivers on the in and outs of identifying a terrorist, (the mismatched socks is a dead giveaway) further protecting our country. Amazing, it is simply stupendous to know that apparently everyone in the administration suffers chronic stupidity not just Bush. Maybe they should train pizza delivery boys as well, I’d bet terrorist order-out a lot. And how could I not mention that this geniusness comes at the same time that we’re likely going to be handing over our 6 largest ports to the United Arab Emirates which is said to be an ally of ours in the fight on terror yet the FBI concluded that the 9/11 attacks financial and operational means were acquired through the UAE. This decision was made by a committee including representatives from the departments of Treasury, Defense, Justice, Commerce, State and Homeland Security. Apparently these guys don’t consider the fact that no matter how dedicated the owners and operators of these ports are to supporting our war on terror there will inevitably be workers further down the chain who won’t be on the same page. They will be subject to bribes, threats, and all sorts of pressures to let things slide. Look at the border security, look at prison guards, look at the police, look anywhere and there’s going to be corruption. This is asking for trouble.


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