Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Those Goofy Republicans

Well I’ve been having so much fun lately I couldn’t resist sharing the experience. I’ve been going into these yahoo chat rooms, they have a government and politics section, it has truly been enlightening to see the opinions of other people and kind of get an idea of how their whole thought process works. Often I find myself in a room full of conservatives (which is a real treat) whose opinions are so illogical and in such bad need of some sort of foundation that it’s humorous yet at the same time I want to cry. Here take a look for yourself.


we should be able to shoot at the boarders (note the spelling)

Fact is, Israel won't attack Iran cause we have dibs. And if they do we won't give them any more coupons.

Are we ever going to get to the real issue: The neutralizing of men through sexual repression and criminalization?

the jews wanted this war...

Gore... is a terrorist.

No more anti american liberal media monopoly. All of your lies are now exposed. Try to debate w/ factual info.

Al Gore sided w/ Ragheads. So if you support Al Gore you are a traitor and an anti american terrorist lover.

love reading how liberals go after others...... really sick how they think

liberals don't believe in God.... only selfishness

If you don't believe America should listen in on Ragheads phone calls then you hate the constitution **
This guys should run for office.....As the person who wipes Bush's ass**

if you don't think we should be in Iraq then you love terrorists

Wow...those republicans are really something aren't they....You should see how many of their screen names have Texas in them....More ridiculousness to come


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