Thursday, February 23, 2006

What If You Were GOD?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the high and mighty, the man up-stairs, the G-O double D, (well, God can spell his name however he wants and double D sounds much cooler.) To have billions and billions of children who’ve never seen you. (Maybe he is black??) People that look up to you and ask you for guidance, ask you for forgiveness, ask you for that winning lottery ticket and all kinds of other ridiculous wish list items yet they’ve never even been shown proof of your existence. I mean realistically why haven’t these people given up on you and started worshipping Santa Clause? Because they have FAITH IN YOU, isn’t that amazing, faith is a beautiful thing. Well let’s put ourselves in Gods shoes or whatever God has and think about how you would feel about what people do in relation to you as God.

If I was God it would annoy me when people with good intention replace my name with something similar but not quite the same so it’s not in vein. For instance when someone is thinking god damn, but they say gosh golly I’d be pissed. Think if your name was James or something but you were God, ok so someone stubs their toe and screams Wamie Damie! (James Damn) Wouldn’t you be annoyed? Hell yeah, ok so that concludes it, even stupid words replacing God will get you sent to hell. On the same topic though NOT replacing my name and using it in vein would still piss me off, example; again your name is James but your God. Ok someone stubs their toe again and screams James Damn! I’d be pissed, wouldn’t you if every time someone fucks up they yell your name. Man pisses on his shoe (don’t ask me how ask him) and yells JAMES. I’d hate my name to get called every time something bad happens, call Satan, call Cupid, call the doctor I don’t care just don’t call me. So, good call God. I understand you better already.

Another thing that really pushes my condemn button is people killing, fighting, and any other sort of evil in my name. I mean Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!! I’m just GOD not the GODFATHER…I don’t wish to see people being knocked off because of someone’s faith in me. And on top of that I’m the one who does all the knockin’ off in the first place…Let me do my job folks.

Well would I really send people to hell and accept people to heaven? Could I be so judgmental? Shit yeah besides if I was the top warden I’d make hell different for people on an individual basis and it wouldn’t be the horrid place many fear it will be [myself]. It last an eternity so eternal flame would make me feel like a real bad guy so I’d just make hell like a world full of the things you hate the most. For example, a stupid redneck clansman would get to spend his time in a world of gay blacks

Next topic, people that try to be just like me. I don’t like that, I like people to be who they really are, I created them so if they stay true then their heart will be pure and they will be saved. If they drift from there own natural paths then they may be lost.

Faith in me, well I would always appreciate faith in me and my works but I’d never demand it. Find faith in yourself first, if you do that you’ll be worthy in my eyes.

Spreading my word, hmmm…well I don’t like gossip but gossip is generally malicious, I definitely don’t agree with forcing faith onto anyone, faith is something one acquires on their own, although an open door is always inviting.

Following my words, don’t think of at as following my words, I give no orders. Follow your heart, it knows right from wrong and when you dismiss your hearts directions and take a wrong path, don’t lose hope, don’t think your heart was left behind. Your heart will never leave you and it will never lie. What I’m saying is this when you ignore your heart once listen and it will tell you how to make it right. In the end you will have taken some wrong turns but if you don’t give up you’ll get to were you need to be.



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