Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bush Vs. Mussolini

I was thinking about how similar President Bush and Mussolini are in their political approaches. I started to do a little research and came across this, which I cite from a textbook of mine “The West: Encounters & Transformations Volume II” read the following excerpt paying close attention to the bold sections.

The “Cult of the Duce” also provided an important means of fostering a sense of participation in the life of the nation. Mussolini insisted, “I am Fascism.” Carefully choreographed public appearances gave ordinary Italians the chance to see, hear, and adore their Duce (“Leader”), and through contact with his person, to feel a part of the new Italy. To stimulate public adoration of himself, Mussolini paid close attention to his public image. He ordered that the press ignore his birthdays and the births of his grandchildren: The Duce could not be seen to age. Instead, in photograph after photograph, Mussolini appeared as a man of action. Depicted in planes, in trains, and in racing cars, he was always on the move, always pressing forward. At the same time, Mussolini combined up-to-date advertising and the latest mass media technology with age-old rituals inspired largely by the Catholic Church. Huge public rallies set in massive arenas, carefully staged with lighting and music, inspired his followers.
A popular fascist slogan summed up the leadership cult: “Believe, Obey, Fight.” Italians were not to think or question; they were to believe. What were they to believe? Another slogan provides the answer: “Mussolini is always right.”

Now look at images of Bush; with a shovel, in a hard hat…always at work. Think of his public appearances with the prearranged Q & A segments. Think about the records he broke on spending for military advertising and American propaganda. Think about the way it seems he has some sort of leash on particular sources of media. Think of how Bush just asked that Americans trust his actions as President and follow along. Think of how some Americans are still trusting, still believing and obeying. Think of how some Americans are still not questioning.

That's the importance in what I'm saying here; Bush has led us Americans away from our prime American fundamentals: To observe and keep the government in check. To investigate and diagnose it's faults and then to fix them. Instead he, as did Mussolini, has led the American people to BELIEVE regardlessly and to QUESTION nothing.


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