Friday, April 07, 2006

The Aliens Are Invading!!!!!

So it seems that an issue that should have been addressed and taken care of on September 12th 2001 has now exploded. 5 years later and nearly 4 years into a war that seems to be pointless with issues like this simply being dismissed by the leaders of this country. It sickens me to hear our President claim that nearly 3,000 of our young men and women have lost their lives defending our country abroad while here at home he and the rest of the government do nothing to protect our nation.

People are pouring into this country through our southern border at amazing rates daily. We have no idea who these people are, what they are doing, where they are going and how to find them if necessary. We are a nation at war, as sad as that may be, it has to be taken into account when you consider this nations border security. Think back to WWI, (I know must of us weren’t here then, if you were please leave, I don’t need anyone having a heart-attack reading this stuff.) in WWI Germany offered Mexico the recovery of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas for Mexico’s support in a war against the U.S. should it break out. That offer was intercepted by the U.S. as a telegram sent by the German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann, pushing anti-German sentiment to extremes in the U.S. leading to the declaration of war on Germany. With that in mind isn’t it possible that terrorist networks could work with illegal immigrants by giving them some incentive to help in an uprising here on our own soil? Isn’t that what we are at war now for, to prevent further attacks on the U.S. here in our homeland?

On another note, among the controversy that has sparked up over the border issue, the above is rarely addressed. What is addressed is the impact these illegal immigrants have on American jobs and whether or not these people should be deemed illegal immigrants or should be given amnesty and welcomed into America. Well, if I’m not mistaken crossing the border without checking in first is ILLEGAL. It does not matter whether or not it should be legal. If I were to get caught with a bag of pot which I believe should be legal, I’m getting a free trip straight to jail. So what the hell is it that makes this any different? If anyone knows, please by all means tell me. I’m very curious to know what I’m missing here.

Oh yeah....And so I don't have to hear or give anyone the excuse to revert to the old "typical democrat, bitching but offering no solutions" bullshit, here's the only way I see to fix this problem: the idea of building a wall is unrealistic and likely to be uneffective, bombarding the 2,000 mile border with enough patrol men to close all gaps is virtually an what do we do? As hard as it may be to swallow this idea it's the only way to actually get a leash on this thing, to close the border you must dissolve the incentive for people to enter the country illegaly. To do that you must remove the possibilty of earning wages here, and inorder to remove that possibility you would have to bring a halt to the willingness even eagerness of American business owners and employers to hire these people. So, enact laws and regulations that would strictly forbid the employment of an undocumented worker and reprimand those who violate those laws in a manner that would ensure that it wouldn't be worth the risk. With that the root of the problem will be removed and the rest will be sure to follow.


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That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

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