Monday, April 17, 2006

Just an Example of Why This Administration SUCKS!

This will be short and sweet; just two quotes that really drive home the point that we're are being lead by complete idiots.

1) President Bush supporting Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld following harsh critisism: "He's doing a fine job." --- Flashback: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

Somehow I'm not convinced.

2) Whitehouse Spokesman Scott McClellan on the critisism of Secretarty of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.... "[Rumsfeld] has lead two fronts in the global war on terror"
Now, is this supposed to be support? Who wrote this shit? Hmmm...Global War...Two fronts....I take that as he has lead us in the fight on terror here on earth along with perhaps Mars. I mean maybe I'm being critical, but this is coming from the spokesman for the most powerful nation on earth. Shouldn't I at least expect that the speech writers they hire would be competent enough to realize that when you say "global" that means the whole fuckin thing. AND if you don't take it that way then you MUST take it as; in this world wide fight he has lead two separate fronts throught out the world. Well, it's a big world my friend and spending between three and five years dabbling around in two incredibly small impoverished countries doesn't impress me when the intentions are to fight "globally". Now I know it sounds like I'm nit-picking and I AM. If that bothers anyone then I very unhumbely apologize for desiring competence from our leaders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That has me perplexed too - that the Bush Admin has these second-rate speech writers... and that McClelland retard: he seems like he just finished up a public speaking course doing night classes at the community college (where he scraped by with a low C). Really? That's the best guy they could find for the job of White House Press Secretary? I bet he wears too much aftershave, too. You can just tell by looking at him that he reeks of Aqua Velma. What a bunch of idiots.

11:50 PM  
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