Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The U.S. Chief Diplomat's Problem with Diplomacy

Last week President Bush, holding the title of U.S. Chief Diplomat rejected talks with N. Korea regarding their long range missle testing program because he wanted the voices of the world to address the problem (Russia and China). Neither country is very interested in imposing sanctions against N. Korea for failure to cease the missle testing which Bush took as an opportunity to point out the problem with diplomacy --

"The problem with diplomacy, it takes a while to get something done,"

A while? Like a war going on for nearly four years type of a while? Granted, waiting for Russia and China to address a problem with N. Korea could very well take some time but that's what diplomacy is all about; sitting down with your enemy or opposition with the goal of finding resolution by means of reason. (Webster, if you like that one call me.)

This is completely off topic...well, no it's not if you consider the topic to be Bush saying stupid things; He predicted that the Republicans would remain in control of the House and Senate in the coming elections. He had this to say --

"You win elections by believing something," "You win elections by having a plan to protect the American people from terrorist attack. You win elections by having a philosophy that has actually produced results -- economic growth, for example -- or kind of changing the school systems for the better, or providing prescription drug coverage for elders."

However he did not say that you win elections by theft...I guess he forgot about that.


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