Thursday, August 31, 2006

In the News

Here's a couple of headlines that have appeared in the news recently:

1) Rumsfeld says Bush critics are confused---

I’d have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Rumsfeld on this one, I know this stands true in my case at least. I’m confused as hell. How did someone so incompetent ever become the leader of the self proclaimed most powerful nation in the world?

Well, votes of course. Perhaps I should ask how did he get enough votes to win the presidential election….TWICE? Oh, that’s right…there was that big mishap in Florida, the state that the outcome of the election depended on. The state that Gore appeared to have won in, making the election appear to have been stolen.

Okay so the answer to the question of how appears to have been thievery in the case of the first election but how did he win in the second election? Well he did drag America into a highly controversial war which set the stage for an election in which he would face an opponent who would disagree with his stance on the war and would advocate alternatives or complete withdrawal from the conflict leaving many Americans with a feeling that a seemingly radical change in the presidency would create instability and actually weaken the U.S.

So now it seems I’ll have to take back the first statement I made about actually agreeing with Rumsfeld for once. I’m not confused, not at all; Bush stole the presidency in the first election and drug the nation into a war that a lot of Americans felt was uncalled for to win the second election…and the American people have simply been to lazy and to irresponsible to use the power that rest in the peoples hands to stop whats wrong and make things right. Instead we’ve sat back and watched as a disgrace to the nation guided us into a scenario, an environment, that America was never meant to be in.

2) Israelis say war was about survival--

Survival? How unique…certainly a profound, newsworthy interpretation of the situation. War to me is about things like:

So basically what I’m saying is I always thought of war as a time when people actually use American made products and ingenuity.

3) (Most popular video news report on "New leg for girl, 2, after Dad mows hers off"

What the fuck....This is really sad to me, the fact that the majority of people who watch video broadcast on CNN want to watch something about a 2 year old girl who got her fuckin leg chopped off in a lawn mower. Jesus Christ you sadistic fucks make me sick.

4) Iran's President challenges Bush to debate

Debate? Challenge the idiot to a spelling bee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lolll @ challenge the idiot to a spelling bee

1:08 AM  
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