Saturday, September 09, 2006

Walker, Mussolini & His Disciple, Impeachment

This is a list of some recent search queries that were used on google and yahoo by random individuals around the world leading them to this site. I know, sounds boring but just take a look, the apparent trends you’ll see are actually both interesting and amusing. (Unless you’re from Texas)

--When you’re in Texas look behind you cause that’s were the ranger’s gonna be

--In the eyes of a ranger, The unsuspecting stranger, Had better know the truth of wrong from right, Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you, Any wrong you do, he’s gonna see, When you’re in Texas look behind you, Cause that’s where the ranger’s gonna be
**this guy actually typed all that in the text box for the search…the whole song, word for word**

--Bush as Mussolini

--mussolini bush

--lyrics whenever you’re in texas look behind you ranger

--support our troops impeach US official
**US official as in President**

--what is the meaning of justice is blind
**whoa dude..that’s like..deep bro**

--cause the eyes of the ranger lyrics

--Bush the American Mussolini

--Mushrooms Scared Insecure Help Me

**this kid's trippin balls and hatin every minute of it...oh well at least i got a laugh out of it**

--support our troops impeach the president

--support our troops impeach our president

--Drinking Smoking Pot Popping Pills affect


Okay, seems like there's alot of people out there that have either become aware of the fact that this Walker taekwondo Texan republican has made the anthem for his show about upholding the law a goddamn piece of propaganda justifying the abolishment of the bill of rights and the 4th amendment of the constitution. Or there's people (probably in Texas) who's feeble minds couldn't withstand the allure of karate chops and cross kicks coming from a guy that try's to look like Clint Eastwood, and in their small little brains that damn stupid catchy song played over and over untill they believed that it didn't matter if Chuck Norris was spying on them as they had steamy sex with their wifes, sisters, cousins, daughters, and aunts all at once...

There's also a fair share of evidence that I'm not the only one that connects Bush and Mussolini (in other words; Bush Cheney administration = sneaky closet fascism) Here's an article I wrote not too long ago comparing President Bush to Mussolini...

Then we see "support our troops, impeach our President" (3x) ...No follow up on that, the message is quite simple.

So all in all I listed 14 individual search queries.... 5 of which were lyrics from the Walker Texas Ranger theme song (36%). 3 comparing Bush to Mussolini (21%) and 3 suggesting that the best way to support America's men and women in the military would be by getting Bush out of office (21%). Put together that would mean based on what's shown above that 78% of the people who find their way to this site come due to an interest in one of those three topics.


Blogger Clia Toris said...

Speaking of Il Duce -
Check him out!


10:28 PM  
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